Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is TrueLeads Chrome extension free to start using?

    Yes. Simply sign in with one of your social accounts (LinkedIn, Google, Facebook) to receive 5 free leads. From there you can upgrade your account for more credits whenever you like.

  • How do I sign up for TrueLeads

    Easy. Just install the extension here​, once installed, open the extension and you will be prompted to sign in using one of your social accounts. We currently support Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google sign up.

  • How do your credits work?

    Each viable match costs 1 credit. We internally determine what a match is, but we promise, we do our best to always provide current and viable data.If the match doesn't bring back at least a usable current personal or work email, you keep the credit and the contact.

    Credits are refilled monthly, 30 days from the day you sign up, and do not roll over month-to-month. If you find that you are not using all of your credits monthly, you may downgrade your account to a lower plan at any time.

    The first 5 credits are on us!

  • How do the email searches on websites work?

    Each time you visit a Linkedin profile, simply click the TrueLeads icon in Chrome to run a realtime search of your lead. We'll display emails, social profiles and phone numbers sourced from our network of over 220 million records.

  • Does the extension scrape email addresses on the pages I'm visiting?

    No, the extension will never be used to save data or content from the pages you visit. The email addresses displayed are sourced exclusively from our network of over 220 million verified records.​

  • How many leads can I save?​

    There is no limit on how many leads you can save to TrueLeads, if you decide to use TrueLeads for lead management, you may upgrade your plan at any time to store more contacts. After choosing your plan, you will be able to search for contact information as you view leads on LinkedIn and will only use credits when a verified email is returned.​

  • How can I uninstall the extension?​

    Visit TrueLeads' page in the Chrome Web Store and click "Remove from Chrome". You can also remove TrueLeads from the extensions manager in Chrome.

    We would really love to know why we've lost you. Make sure to let us know.

  • I'm having trouble using TrueLeads, what do I do?​

    Some Google Chrome versions may cause some minor issues with the TrueLeads extension. In most cases, simply shutting down Chrome and re-opening should solve 99% of these issues.

    If issues persist, you may always reach out to our live customer support on this website. Simply click the chat bubble in the bottom right of this page., or if you're a paid customer, you will have access to Live Chat Support right in your extension settings.