TrueConnect is proud to announce the release of the TrueLeads Chrome Extension, its newest product aimed at making the lives of recruiters and salespeople more efficient. TrueLeads is a Google Chrome Extension that allows users to find contact information for candidates and prospects while they search on LinkedIn. In addition to providing contact information, TrueLeads’ dashboard helps users categorize prospects and uses advanced search to find previous candidates based on title, location, skills, education while also allowing users to export contacts to CSV.

While prospecting for candidates on LinkedIn, the management team at TrueConnect realized that the response to their InMail messages was extremely low due the fact that candidates’ InMail boxes were flooded with SPAM. During this process, they realized the need to email candidates directly and the idea for TrueLeads was born. “After using TrueLeads in Beta, our team saw response rates increase by 6x as compared to our previous efforts through InMail” said TrueConnect Founder, Mike Glaicar.

In addition to working tirelessly to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information in the market, TrueLeads also wanted to provide a beautiful and intuitive user experience. After months of iteration, TrueLeads’ current user interface was created, offering one-click access to all major components and Single-Sign on access with Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts. “Our goal was to reduce any friction for users by allowing easy sign-up using existing accounts while shying away from the need to capture unnecessary user information during the signup process,” said Glaicar.

In addition to focusing on an industry leading user interface, TrueLeads also addresses a major gap in the market by offering scalable and affordable pricing as opposed to more expensive options like ZoomInfo or ExactData. Glaicar said, “we heard from countless recruitment firms and sales teams that options such as ZoomInfo were financially unfeasible, requiring long-term contracts that could cost thousands of dollars per month. We knew that creating an affordable option would help businesses gain access to valuable contact data without draining them financially.

”TrueLeads works with industry leading data providers to add and append contact records on a regular basis, ensuring contact information is accurate at up-to-date. In addition to regularly updating information, TrueLeads only charges for verified emails, helping users to get the most out of their investment.

For a limited time, TrueLeads will offer a 5-Lead Free Trial and 25% OFF the lifetime of users’ subscriptions using the code LAUNCH25. “Our hope is to add value to as many users as possible so we’re removing all barriers to using TrueLeads” said Glaicar, “we know TrueLeads will help recruiters and salespeople reach more prospects and win more business!”

To learn more about TrueLeads Chrome Extension, click here!